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MiscEl contains many different circuits, some with design help. This page summarize the circuits and what can be done with them.
Many pages support more circuit configuration than shown in these examples.

Example circuitCircuitPageSelectionSupport
555 timerCharge timeCircuit:555 TimerAnalyze and design with curves
555 oscillatorCharge timeCircuit:555 OscillatorAnalyze and design with curves
Capacitor charge/dischargeCharge time

Charge curve
Circuit:One resistor
Circuit:Two resistors
Capacitor charge
Capacitor discharge
Analyze and design with curves

Show curve
Inductor charge/dischargeCharge curveInductor charge
Inductor discharge
Show curve
Filters (Highpass, lowpass, bandpass, bandstop)1 Order filters Analyze and design with curves
NTC with resistorThermo sensorsKind:NTC user with dividerAnalyze with curve
Led bias circuit DC/ACLeds Analyze and design with curves
Resistor/capacitor/inductor in series/parallelSeries/parallel Analyze and design
MOS driver circuitPower MOS Analyze power loss in MOS
Resonance circuit (RC/RL/RCL series/parallel)Fo Analyze and design with curves
Voltage dividerVoltage divider Analyze and design
T and PI circuitTwo portCircuitAnalyze with curves
Linear power supply with regulator IC
Both LM317 and 78xx style supported
Power supply Analyze and design with curves
Attenuator (Ladder and other)Attenuator network Design with analyze of design

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