Info about MiscEl

The program contains a lot of pages with different electronic calculations. Each page contain one or more different calculations.
The program is free to download and use, but the program is timelocked. A new version will have to be downloaded after about 1/2 year
For download: See bottom of page
For good ideas and bug reports please write a message to author

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CircuitsA summary of all circuits in MiscEl and what calculations are supported for the circuit
MPU supportWhere can MiscEl help when working with microprocessors
CRC calculationsWith code to do CRC calculations
Hints and tricksSome hints and tricks for using MiscEl


See tricks page for some hints on how to use MiscEl

Some screen dumps from MiscEl


The program will automatic install first time it is run, this can be disabled by putting "noinstall" on the command line.

A few notes about the program

Command line options for MiscEl

Download MiscEl

File size is about 1300K