MiscEl: Capacitor calculations

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This page is used to calculate different types of capacitors.

The basic formula to calculate capacitance is: Capacitance=dielectricConstant*area/distance, this formula has good accurancy, as long as the area is large compared to distance*distance.
Most calculations in this program is based on that formula.

Geometries supported

Input values

Diameter of the core in the roll
CapacityCapacitance of the capacitor to analyze
AreaArea between plates of a capacitor
SideOne of the sides in a square
WidthOne of the sides of a rectangle
HeightThe other side of a rectangle of high above a groundplane
DiameterDiameter of a circular plate
PlatesNumber of plates stacked
LengthLength of the foil used for a roll, a coax/tube or a wire
Conductor thickessThickness of the conductor in a roll
Inner diameter
Tube inner diameterInner diameter of the large tube in a tube/coax
Center diameterOuter diameter of the smaller tube/wire in a tube/coax
Radius inner sphereOuter diameter of the smalle sphere
Radius outher sphereInner diameter of the large sphere
DistanceDistance center of between two wires
DielectricSelect the dielectric used or select"User absolute" or "User relative"
PermittivityUsed when dielectric is "user ...", must be filled with relative or absolute permittivity
ThicknessThickess of dielectric
Applied voltageVoltage applied to capacitor, used to calculate some electric values for capacitor
Note: All measurement inputs, are in meters.

Output values

Total area The total area between the plates
CapacityThe actual capacitance
Permittivity (abs)/(rel)The permittivity of the selected dielectric shown as both absolute and relative value
Dielectric volumeThe volume of the dielectric
Turns Number of turns on a roll
Outer diameterOuter diameter of a roll
FieldThe electric field in the dielectric
ChargeThe charge on the capacitor
EnergyThe energy in the capacitor
Energy densityDensity of energi en dielectric
ForceThe force the electric field applies to the plates


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