MiscEl: Charge curve

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Show a charge/discharge curve for a capacitor/inductor, with different kind of sources/loads.

Input fields

Capacitor/inductor charge/dischargeSelect curve to show
CapacitorValue of capacitor
InductorValue of inductor
Start UStarting voltage for capacitor discharge
Start IStarting current for inductor discharge
Load RResistive load for discharge
Load IConstant current load for discharge
Load PConstant power load for discharge
Charge UCharge voltage
Charge RSeries resistor
Charge IConstant current charge
The schematic will show the selected configuration.
The yellow curve is current and the white curve is voltage.

Measure fields

Time TTime from start of charge/discharge
Voltage UVoltage accross capacitor/inductor
Current iCurrent in/out of capacitor/inductor
Power PPower flowing in/out of capacitor
Energy EEnergy in capacitor/inductor
Charge QCharge in capacitor

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