MiscEl: Component type numbers

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This page can decode many differet number/letter combinations used on electronic parts.

Supported numbers

Capacitor foil"MKP" or "PC" will show capacitor foil type
CapacitorCapacitor value, tolerance, voltage, many different codes supported
ProElectron semiconductor numbersBC107 will show meaning of letters and other data contained in type number
JIS semiconductor numbers2SA104 will show meaning of lettes
TTL functions"sn74hc00" will list possible manufacturs, technologi used and function of the chip
CMOS functions"cd4011" or "sn74hc4066" will list possible manufacturs and function of the chip
Memory"27C64" will list EPROM capacity and organization
Atmel MPUReconize Atmel 8-bit Risc MPU type numbers and list specifications
Microchip MPUReconize Microchip PIC12/PIC16 MPU type numbers and list specifications
Date codesDecodes 2 and 4 letter date codes
Climatic category"27/100/21" will show climatic range and test conditions
IP numbersIP66, handles 2, 3 and 4 digit IP code
SMD capacitor valueHandles the "Letter Number" marking on smd capacitors
...Many other codings are supported

It is possible to make external tables with number specifications, for more information email me.