MiscEl: Fan cooling

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This page is used to calculate removal of heat from a box with a fan. These calculations are based on airflow only, no radiation from the box is assumed.

Input values

Fan flowSpecified airflow for fan, remeber to select the correct unit.
Inlet temp.Air temperature at inlet
Reflow %An estimate of how much air flows around the box from the outlet to the inlet
PowerAmount of power dissipated in the box
AltitudeThe maximum altitude that the box is going to be used at
Std. pressureA low pressure will require a bit more cooling
ApertureCalculate pressure drop for a hole of specified size

Output values

FlowThe fan's airflow in many different units
FlowThe airflow in mass, this will change depending on air pressure and temperature
Air pressureCalculated air pressure from altitude and "Std. pressure"
Air outlet temp.Calculated outlet temperature
Temp. increaseTemperature increase from inlet to outlet, this increase includes any reflow.

Output values

ApertureSame as input value
Air speedAir speed in aperture
Air resistanceEstimated air resistance in aperture
Pressure dropEstimated pressure drop in aperture


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