MiscEl: Geometry

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This page is used to do calculations on many different 2-dimensional geometry figures.



Known valuesSelect the set of known parameters
a, a1, a2, ...Angle
Arc lengthArc length of a circle pie
AreaArea of the figure
circumference, outer circum, inner circumCircumference of the figure
diagonal, d, d1, d2Diagonal
diameterDiameter of a circle
hHeight (see drawing of figure)
l, l1, l2, ...Length of a side or some other length (see drawing of figure)
m1, m2, ...Median lines
nNumber of sides
OriginSelect origin for the xy coordinates
radiusradius of a circle
riRadius of inner circle
roRadius of outer circle
sLength of one side
To scaleWhen checkmarked the figure is drawn to scale
xy1, xy2, ...Coordinates of the figure, origin is controlled by the "Origin" selection