MiscEl: Hotkeys

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This page is used to define hotkeys with the following functions:

Input values

HotkeysList of defined hotkeys, press "New" to add a line
Key fieldPlace the cursor in the field and press the desired hotkey (including shift/ctrl/alt)
Close all pagesCheckmark this field to start with all pages closed
FunctionSelect function of hotkey
NewAdd a new hotkey definition
DeleteRemove a hotkey definition
Function of hotkey (Single page)Select what page to open and bring to front
Function of hotkey (Multiple pages)Select all pages to open (Hold down ctrl while clicking)
Function of hotkey (Script)Write a script to open pages, place pages and fill in predefined values


ShowPage("PageName");Secure "PageName" is open
ShowPageFront("PageName");Secure "PageName" is open and has input focus
ShowPageAt("PageName",x,y);Secure page is open, then undock and move page to x,y (Upper left is 0,0)
ShowProgramAt(x,y);Move program to x,y
ClosePage("PageName");Secure page is closed
CloseAllPages;Close all pages
PageSetValue("PageName","FieldName",Value);Set a value on a page
PageSetFocus("PageName","FieldName");Secure page is open and set input focus on specified field
Update;Give pages time to update, may have to be used between opening a page and setting values
PageIsFront("PageName");Check if a page has focus, return values is 0=No focus, 1=Focus in MiscEL, 2=Focus in own window
PageIsVisible("PageName");Check if a page is visible, return values is 0=Hidden, 1=Visible in MiscEl, 2=Visible in own window
PageWidthWidth of MiscEl, can be used together with ShowPageAt(...) to position the pages
PageHeightHeight of MiscEl, can be used together with ShowPageAt(...) to position the pages
CurrentPageNameReturns name of current page
CurrentHelpPageNameName of help page for current page (empty when no help page exist)
ShowHelpPageOpens a browser window with specified helppage (Use: ShowHelpPage(CurrentHelpPageName)
Execute(FileName);Execute(FileName,Params);Execute(FileName,Params,Directory);Opens a file/program/webpage
if (expression) statements; endif"if" control structure
if (expression) statements; else statements; endif"if" control structure
-- other --See Calculator for other functions

Example script, open two pages outside MiscEl frame

PageSetValue("Fo","Impedance curve","1");
ShowPageAt("Curve plotter",0,PageHeight);

Example script, close all pages except current page

var cp;

Example script, open my list of electronic shops (danish)


Example script, set focus at calculator input line

The "EditCalc" name is hidden, but can be found in the registry.