MiscEl: Series/Parallel

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This page can analyze and design series/parallel connections of resistors/capacitors and resistors. Both two and three components are supported.
The page will also analyze power/current/voltage for the used components.

Configurations supported

Input values

For analysis enter two or three component values. The combined value will be listed, together with the nearest standard value.
If a voltage and a frequence is entered, an analysis of power/voltage/current is also shown.
The design will use two components and three components if "Use 3 xxx" is checkmarked.
The result will show the actual reached value and its deviation from the desired value.


Other pages

Calculator functions

Calculating resistors and inductors in series and capacitors in parallel in the calculator can be done by just adding the values.
For calculating resistors and inductors in parallel and capacitors in series a user function must be added.
Copy this statement: par=1.0/(1.0/param[0]+1.0/param[1]) to the calculator, right click and select "Create function". Now it is possible to calculate the value of parallel resistors by writing "par(100,70)" in any input field in MiscEl.