MiscEl: TinyCalc

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A calculator with many functions, has a small size when drawn out of the MiscEl frame.

General use

Click and draw on the TinyCalc tab, to move the window out of the MiscEl frame.
Write a expression and press enter, the result will be displayed in the result field. It is also possible to to write a statement or more statements with ; between, but a valid result will only be shown when the last item on the line is a expression.
A valid expression could be:
To store a result for later use:
var a;
Or create a permanent variable with: a, then right click and select "Create variable", this variable is stored and will last until deleted (starting/stopping the MiscEl program will not delete the variable or the value)
Right click for more options: Use cursor up/down keys to recall the last expressions entered.

Read more about possibilities on the calculator page