MiscEl: Waveforms

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This page is used to view different waveforms, do calculations on them and listen to them. Many different waveforms can be generated, some are predefined, but selecting a "user" waveform opens another page where waveforms can be generated form harmonics, tabular data or formula.

Predefined curves

Input values

RectifyUse the positive (single+), negative (single-) part of the curve,(full) will use the absolut value of the curve
ChopChop first/last/both part of a curve, use to simulate triac control (This function does not handle offset)
Vpp & VofsSpecify the curve amplitude as peek-peek voltage and a offset
Vmax/VminSpecify the curve amplitude as max and min voltage
FrequenceSpecify frequence for curve, this will not change the curve, but will affect the scale and filter calculations
High PercentDefines duty cycle
Time/Time 1/Time 2Specify frequence as periode time, either total or for high/low part of curve
Chop pct.Defines ammount of curve to chop (start-end), value is in percent of total curve
Clip pct.Defines ammount of curve to clip (top-bottom), value is in percent of total curve
FilterSee below
Filter FoCenter frequence for selected filter
FFTShow a Fast Fournier Transformation for the curve
PlayUse the soundcard to play the waveform, voltage and offset are ignored. MiscEl restrict the output frequence to 10 Hz to 65 kHz and 16 bits. The soundcard will probally restrict the range further

Predefined Filters

Output values

All output values are calculated from the shown waveform.
FrequenceFrequence and periode time
DC voltageCalculated DC, this is also shown as a blue line
Mean voltageThe mean voltage, if the waveform was rectified, this is also shown as a red line
RMS voltageRMS (Heat) value of waveform, this is also show as a yellow line
Peek-peek voltageDifference between highest and lowest voltage in waveform
Form factorAn expression that express the differens between RMS and average voltage
Crest factorAn expression that express the differens between peek and RMS voltage. All RMS meters has a max. Crest factor.
Max. slew rateHow fast the voltage is changing
Rdg. on avg. meterThis value is about (Mean voltage)*1.1, and is the value a non RMS meter will show for this waveform
0 dBReference use for FFT display
DC voltageDC component from FFT
nFoHarmonic n and its value (relative, dB, voltage, phase), up to 10 harmonics can be shown


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